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Harmonie Universelle

I have an honour to present you my first audio CD Harmonie Universelle. It is dedicated to the organ music of the French composer of XVI/XVII century – Jehan Titelouze whos work is an object of my fascination since nearly twenty years.

On three CDs you can listen to Titelouze’s selected liturgical cycles: three Magnificats and three hymns and also three improvised cycles. Such formula became an opportunity of a personal artistic expression for me. Furthermore, it gave me a privilege of having a specific dialogue with the composer. Equally important aspect of the CD is to present three French instruments in so-called pre-classical style. Two of them are historic (in St-Martin-de-Boscherville – of 1627 and in Juvigny – of 1663) while the last (in Champcueil) was built in 2009 by prominent Belgian organ builder Dominique Thomas. Their unique sounds show what heights of artistry organ builders used to reach of old. According to the XVII-th century liturgical traditions the CD presents organ music in close connection with gregorian chant, here performed by Schola Cantorum Minorum Chosoviensis directed by Marcel Pérès – prominent French gregorian chant expert.

Leaflet attached to the CD includes two prefaces (by M. Pérès and K. Pawlisz) – in English, French and Polish – where historical context of the performed repertoire is outlined.

Content: CD 1 – The Jean de Villers organ in Juvigny (1663) J. Titelouze: Magnificat quarti toni J. Titelouze: Ave maris Stella K. Pawlisz: Ut queant laxis – improvisation Total Time: 43’28 CD 2 – The Guillaume Lesselier organ in St-Martin-de-Boscherville (1627) J. Titelouze: Magnificat sexti toni J. Titelouze: Veni Creator K. Pawlisz: Gloria of the Mass In duplicibus & sollemnibus diebus – improvisation Total Time: 52’59 CD 3 – The Dominique Thomas organ in Champcueil (2009) J. Titelouze: Magnificat septimi toni J. Titelouze: A solis ortus K. Pawlisz: Variations on a Polish Christmas Carol Anioł pasterzom mowił – improvisation Total Time: 44’15

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